Treatment for Liver Tumors

Dr. Kuvshinoff discusses treatment of primary and metastatic liver tumors.

More Options, Better Outcomes

Dr. Iyer and Dr. Kuvshinoff answer questions about liver cancer treatment on a CancerConnect web chat.

When the liver cancer team meets to review your case, they will determine the very best treatment options for you, which factors in:

  • Your cancer’s stage
  • How well your liver is working
  • Your general health, including whether you have cirrhosis

Most liver cancers require multimodality treatment, which means your treatment plan is likely to include two or more treatment approaches in sequence or together such as:

Investigative Treatment Approaches

Any new treatment undergoes years, even decades, of study in both the laboratory and clinical settings. Clinical research studies that involve people encompass the final phases of cancer treatment research. Participating in a clinical study can be an important treatment option for many cancer patients who may be among the first to benefit from a new drug or therapy. About 50 percent of Roswell Park patients are eligible for a clinical research study. Your participation is entirely your choice.

Learn more about our current clinical research studies involving liver cancer.