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How to Get a Second Opinion for Liver Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with liver cancer — or liver metastases — you need a second opinion. We will ensure you get it without delay.

We’ll obtain your scans and other medical reports, have Roswell Park’s experts — including pathologists who focus exclusively on hepatobiliary cancers — review them promptly, and set up a consultation with our team.

Many of our patients travel to receive cancer care at Roswell Park. If you live far from Roswell Park, we can help arrange what works best for you, including help with lodging, virtual appointments or receiving some of your care closer to home. Call 1-800-ROSWELL (1-800-767-9355) or click the button below to submit a request online.

Become a patient

Why it matters for liver cancer

At Roswell Park, our pathologists review the pathology slides and testing of every new patient. In about 11 to 18% of these secondary reviews, the diagnosis is changed, impacting your treatment options and your way forward. This could mean that:

  • You may be eligible for surgery. If you have been told that your cancer is unresectable or you’re deemed medically inoperable, please consult with a liver cancer surgeon at Roswell Park. We offer several preoperative (or, neoadjuvant) treatments that may make effective surgery possible for you.
  • You may benefit from embolization or ablation therapies. These surgical alternative approaches may offer a curative option, extended survival and better quality of life.
  • You need treatments unavailable from other providers. Roswell Park’s clinical trials offer access to the newest drugs, immunotherapies and other options.
  • Your liver metastases may be treated. Our comprehensive approach to metastatic disease to the liver, incorporating our hepatic surgeons and interventional radiologists, offers innovative treatment that can extend survival and potentially cure your cancer.

Yes, you have time for a second opinion

We understand the urgency of a cancer diagnosis and your desire to move quickly. However, very few diagnoses require that treatment or surgery occur immediately. The fastest treatment is not always the best treatment, and you owe it to yourself to take time now to ensure your treatment plan is the right one for you. We can help.

To arrange for a second opinion, call 1-800-ROSWELL (1-800-767-9355) or fill out the online Become a Patient Form. We’ll take care of the rest.