Why Roswell Park for Cervical Cancer

Our expert team

Our accomplished physicians are leaders in the field and hold roles at the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) and other national organizations. Roswell Park physicians not only follow the evidence-based NCCN treatment guidelines used by physicians around the world; they write them.

  • Roswell Park’s Chief of Gynecology, Peter Frederick, MD, FACOG, sits on the NCCN panel that creates the guidelines for the treatment of cervical cancer.
  • All gynecologists on our cervical cancer team are board-certified or board-eligible gynecologic oncologists who undergo additional years of subspecialty training in GYN-specific oncology.

Our quality cancer care

We provide multidisciplinary cancer care that integrates the expertise from several specialists, including gynecologic and radiation oncologists, dietitians, physical therapists, psychologists and more. Our comprehensive care includes:

  • Expertise in colposcopy — biopsy of the cervix — to evaluate abnormal Pap tests or precancerous changes.
  • High-volume surgical experience. Complication rates are lowest in patients who receive their surgery from high-volume surgeons operating at high-volume hospitals.
  • Fertility-sparing options such as surgical procedures that leave the uterus.
  • Intraoperative radiotherapy. We are the only facility in the region to offer this specialized treatment which provides radiation therapy to treat surgical margins during cancer surgery.

Our cutting-edge therapies

We offer treatments at the forefront of cancer care, plus clinicians with the knowledge and experience to use them. Our patients may opt for a treatment plan that includes:

  • Personalized medicine based on advanced genomic testing and immune analysis of their tumor. This determines which targeted therapies and immunotherapies would offer the best response for each patient. We use a variety of genomic testing approaches, including OmniSeq Comprehensive™ and Immune Report Card,™ two cutting-edge tests developed at Roswell Park.
  • Enrolling in clinical trials to access the very latest drugs, immunotherapies and targeted agents — oftentimes years before they become available from other providers.

Comprehensive care for the whole person

Holistic and supportive care to surround you and your family from day one. Our programs include art and pet therapy, acupuncture, yoga, massage, meditation, Reiki, spiritual care, patient retreats, support groups and a resource center for education materials, hats, wigs and more. Plus:

  • Oncofertility Program that provides information about how fertility and intimacy may be affected by uterine cancer treatment and your options for fertility preservation.
  • Sexual Health Clinic to address cancer and treatment side effects that impact ability to interact intimately.
  • Smoking cessation program offering guidance, strategies, support and quit aids.
  • Survivorship Center, specifically for patients who have completed active treatment, provides medical and supportive services to meet the unique needs of cancer survivors as they face forward and aim for a higher level of life-long wellness.

Easy, local access to Roswell Park care

  • Satellite treatment centers and community practices in Amherst, Niagara Falls, Jamestown and Orchard Park, NY provide patients across the region easier access to our specialists, treatments and clinical trials. Find a location near you.

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