We know that cancer was never part of your plan — and especially not now. We know what it’s like to face cancer while in college, building a career or raising a family. We know what it really means to have cancer interrupt your life — and we can help.

Our program brings together support services designed to help you overcome the unique physical, emotional, social and practical challenges associated with a cancer diagnosis at this life stage. You probably have many questions, such as: Will I be able to have children? How can I cope with this anxiety? How do I talk to my kids about my disease?  Will I ever have sex again?

We are here to help you cope, find answers and solutions, and let you focus your energy on fighting your cancer. Some of the services you may find helpful include:

  • Fertility preservation. A consultation provides information about the impact your cancer and treatment may have on your fertility, preservation options available to you and arrangement for fertility services.
  • Mental health counseling from an array of providers (depending on your needs) including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and child life specialists.
  • Financial counseling to help you to apply for health insurance or Medicaid, financial aid to help with copays and other options for drug cost assistance
  • Social support & networking. We offer many opportunities to connect with peers such as events, speakers, retreats, and more.
  • Sexual health clinic to provide treatment and solutions for issues affecting ability to interact intimately.
  • Survivorship program to manage long-term medical and preventive care, ongoing or late side effects of treatment, emotional health and more to help you aim for a higher level of life-long wellness.
Young Adult Cancer Program

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Roswell Park’s Young Adult program sponsors many events, social gatherings, speakers, wellness workshops, support groups and networking opportunities for patients just like you. Call or text us at 716-341-3451, or sign up below for our newsletter to learn about upcoming programs and events.

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