Rev. Melody Rutherford, M.Div.

Spiritual Care

The Division of Spiritual Care consists of trained chaplains who assist patients, their family members, and staff with spiritual and emotional support. Often during serious illness, individuals (who may or may not adhere to a specific organized faith / belief system) make use of their own spirituality or belief system to help cope with troubling issues. By providing a reflective, reverential, engaging, and active listening presence, the chaplain seeks to help the individual move towards spiritual contentment.

Chaplains can be contacted at any time, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. or as needed via the on-call system. 

How can patients access Spiritual Care?


Rev. Melody Rutherford, M.Div.
Director of Spiritual Care

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Minnie Wyse
Executive Secretary
Department of Spiritual Care