Integrated image-guided dosimetry in photodynamic therapy 

The Shafirstein Lab employs innovative bioengineering technology and team science to advance interstitial and intraoperative photodynamic therapy.   

We translate our novel technologies and science from the bench into clinical trials, with the goal of safe and effective treatment for cancer patients who are not amenable to current standards of care. 

Lab Research
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Research focus: Photodynamic therapy

Developing light dosimetry that allows treatment of large and inoperable cancerous tumors in patients who have no other effective treatments.

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Figure from a scientific research study

Clinical trials: Advanced image-based treatment planning

Our first-in-human clinical trial demonstrated that image-guided I-PDT of refractory extrabronchial malignant central airway obstruction is safe and potentially effective.

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Instrumentation used in photodynamic therapy

Translating science & technology into new treatments

More than 45 years ago, the late Thomas Dougherty, PhD, pioneered the use of laser light to target chemo-resistant cancer cells. Dr. Shafirstein is building on that legacy as the Director of Clinical Research at our world-renowned Photodynamic Therapy Center.


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