Understanding the molecular causes of cancer

Cancer is characterized by a multitude of genetic and gene expression alterations. We are trying to understand which changes drive cancer progression and use this information to develop more effective drugs.

Through a combination of computational and experimental methods, we study how genes are regulated in cancer, and how changes in gene regulation and cell signaling networks drive tumor progression.

The landscape of alternative polyadenylation in pancreatic cancer

Research focus: Gene regulatory alterations

Our current focus is a mutation-independent gene regulatory process, alternative polyadenylation (APA).

Expression of the orphan GPCR GPR161 in tissue

Research focus: G-protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs)

We seek to probe the role of GPCR-mediating signaling in cancer pathogenesis and use this information to develop novel therapies.


In the news

Roswell Park team discovers new mechanism driving pancreatic cancer

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