ATLAS Dione Dataset Access Request Form

ATLAS Dione dataset provides video data (86 full subject study videos (~910 action clips)) of ten surgeons from Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center (Buffalo, NY) performing six different surgical tasks on the da Vinci Surgical System® (dVSS) with annotations of robotic tools per frame (for a subset of 99 action clips), actions taking place and their timestamps. It also provides information on the surgeon expertise levels based on the Dreyfus model.

For further information about the video data, annotations, tasks & subtasks, and subject demographics, please refer to the paper: Duygu Sarikaya, Jason Corso, Khurshid Guru, "Detection and Localization of Robotic Tools in Robot-Assisted Surgery Videos Using Deep Neural Networks for Region Proposal and Detection", IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, February 2017.

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