Create your own post-doc program

Do you have a compelling vision for a breakthrough discovery and the passion to build your own cancer research program?

Through the Roswell Park Alliance Scholars Program, you can design and implement your own postdoctoral training experience – and fast-track your career into an independent research or faculty position.

How it works

The Alliance Scholars Programs is open to students who have recently earned their MD or PhD degree, or will receive it soon.

You’ll select your own mentoring team from our world-renowned faculty, and work with them to build your research program, publish high impact papers, and secure extramural funding.

You will also participate in the Roswell Park Faculty Development Program to learn the skills necessary to be an effective principal investigator.

If you are ready for the challenge, our goal is to accelerate your successful transition to an independent faculty or comparable research position.

Financial support

The Roswell Park Alliance Foundation provides financial support for up to three years at $88,000 per year.

This funding is flexible and can be used to support salary (up to $65,000/year starting), research expenses, and other career development activities.

If you have or obtain a fellowship supporting your salary, you’ll be allowed to use the full $88,000 to support research and career development activities.

Eligibility & how to apply

  • You must be within one year of your terminal degree (MD or PhD) at the time of application.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

Applications are reviewed. Promising candidates will be invited to visit Roswell Park to meet with faculty and present a research seminar.


For general inquiries about the program, contact:

For technical inquiries about eligibility or the application process, contact: