Scientific Post-doctoral Scholar Program Overview

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center: Training the Comprehensive Scientist

In 1898, Dr. Roswell Park established the first cancer center in the United States. Dr. Park's mission in building this institute was to bring together researchers and clinicians into one "dedicated setting" to study and treat malignant disease.

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center continues to maintain the original mission of its founder by assembling scientists "fitted for such work." Through its Educational Affairs Department, Roswell Park dedicates itself to providing the best training possible for its Scientific Post-doctoral Scholars. Roswell Park considers these scientific apprenticeships vital to producing knowledgeable and highly-trained faculty who will make major contributions to the understanding, treatment and prevention of cancer.

The Post-doctoral Scientific Scholars Program at Roswell Park emphasizes training the well-rounded scientist. Skill enhancing workshops are being developed and implemented to broaden our scientific researchers' abilities in order to adapt to the changing biomedical environment. These workshops include grantwriting, college and graduate-level teaching and technology transfer.

In addition, the Association of Post-doctoral Scholars (APoDS), a peer-led, professional organization, addresses issues faced by post-doctoral scholars as well as provides a community for enjoying social and scientific functions.