Types of Donations

Donating Blood

Whole Blood Donation

Some cancer treatments reduce the number of red blood cells, which can make a patient weak and anemic. Donating blood is an important way to ensure an adequate supply of blood is available for patients undergoing surgery and other cancer treatments at Roswell Park. A single blood donation can be used to help one patient. A blood donation takes approximately 45 minutes. You are eligible to donate whole blood every 56 days. Please consider donating blood!

Donating Platelets

Apheresis Donation

Apheresis (pronounced Ay-fur-EE-sis) comes from the Greek term meaning to separate. The process of apheresis separates out one specific component of blood, most often platelets. Platelets provide the clotting factor in blood. Cancer patients with leukemia, those receiving chemotherapy and undergoing bone marrow transplantation often need one or several platelet transfusions. Platelets have an extremely limited shelf-life...only five days. Ample and consistent platelet donations are needed to keep up with the demand. A single platelet donation can be used to help one patient. Platelet donations take approximately two hours. The recommended interval between platelet donations is two weeks. Please consider donating platelets!

If you are interested in donating, please call The Donor Center at 716-845-8275, schedule an appointment online or e-mail us at blooddonor@roswellpark.org.