Donor Eligibility

Updates in donor eligibility

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued new donor screening requirements — The Donor Center will be following these new screening practices, beginning June 6, 2023. We encourage you to read the detailed donor screening updates as per the FDA.

The following is general donation criteria. This is not a complete list. The information below serves only as a guideline to donor eligibility. Please contact The Donor Center at Roswell Park at 716-845-8275 if you have any questions.

For all donations

  • Minimum weight: 110 pounds
  • Minimum age: 17 years of age
  • Must be in general good health (not experiencing any active cold or flu symptoms, headaches, cold sore or infections at time of donation)
  • Must not have donated whole blood within the last 56 days.

*Please be sure to eat a substantial meal before your donation.

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Additional criteria

Temporary reasons

Condition Length of time before you can give blood
Not feeling well for any reason Until symptoms are over
Cold, sore throat, respiratory infection, flu Until 3 days after symptoms are over
Travel to an area of the world where malaria is a problem 3 months after return
Heart disease Contact us for medical eligibility at 716-845-8275
Body piercing 3 months after procedure unless done under sterile conditions
Tattoos 3 months after last tattoo (including eyebrow microblading)
Blood transfusion 3 months after receiving blood
Pregnancy, abortion or miscarriage Six weeks after end of pregnancy
Surgery, serious injury When healing is complete and feeling well.
Syphilis, gonorrhea 3 months after treatment completed
Chlamydia, venereal warts (HPV), or genital herpes Accept
Dental work Routine dental procedures acceptable. Oral surgery, root canal, or tooth extraction- deferral is 72 hours from procedure. Non-routine dental procedures, please call.
Skin Disease, Rash or Acne Acceptable providing the needle site area is free and clear. Certain acne medications require a waiting period after the last dose.
Vaccinations/Immunizations In some cases, a deferral period may be necessary. Please discuss your recent vaccination history with your collections specialist. Flu shots do NOT have a waiting period.
Have had sex with someone who has hepatitis B or hepatitis C 3 months after last occurrence
You have had sex with anyone listed in the first three items under Permanent Reasons below 3 months after last occurrence

Cancer-related reasons

Type Length of time before you can give blood
Localized basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma Acceptable if completely excised and healed. See medication list.
Carcinoma-in-situ ( the stage where cancer cells are still within their site of origin) of the vulva, cervix or breast; papillary thyroid carcinoma Acceptable when treatment is completed
Leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, melanoma and multiple myeloma Permanent deferral
Cancers treated by surgery ONLY Defer one year from date of surgery
Chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment Defer five years from date of last treatment
Brachytherapy (radiotherapy implanted in the body) Defer five years from removal
Tamoxifen and other medications used for breast cancer preventative treatment, Elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) Acceptable, provided the donor meets all other criteria for cancer

Medications Deferral List

Download our medication deferral list

Please do not give blood if you:

(Permanent Reasons)

  • Have used illegal drugs with a needle, even once
  • Have ever had a positive test for HIV (AIDS virus)
  • Are a man or woman who has had sex for money or drugs any time since 1977
  • Are a hemophiliac
  • Had viral hepatitis B or hepatitis C
  • Had babesiosis or Chagas disease
  • Have a blood relative who had CJD

*If you have any additional questions or concerns about donating, please contact us at 716-845-8275.

*The reasons for not being eligible to donate blood may change at any time.