I’ve donated for people close to me who came to Roswell Park, so I’d give platelets and then visit with him or her. At that point, you just wonder what problems you really have. I was blessed with good health. I just figured I would share it.
Richard Casseri at the Donor Center
Richard Casseri
Richard is the Donor Center's longest active platelet donor. Read more about his story here.
Blood and platelet transfusions kept me alive while I was waiting for treatment. They gave me the energy to go for a bike ride or a walk. After a transfusion I felt safe, I wasn't afraid that I would bleed out if I got bumped.
Luci Takas - a grateful Donor Center recipient
Luci Takas
Read more about Luci's story.
Sadly, my friend passed away less than a year into his cancer journey. I could have stopped my platelet donations, but I knew that there were so many more cancer patients who needed help. Every two weeks on a Saturday – that’s my schedule and I have kept it going for more than a decade now.
Peter Morris at the Donor Center
Peter Morris
I have been blessed with good health and I was raised to help others. Everyone I know has been affected by cancer in some way, so I’m glad to do my part by donating platelets regularly. The Donor Center staff members pamper you and make you feel appreciated at every visit. I treasure those beautiful feelings and if, at some point in the future I can no longer donate, it will leave a big hole in my life.
Sharon Banas at the Donor Center
Sharon Banas

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