Post Donation Survey

Are you a current donor?
Was this your first donation at The Donor Center?
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Regular Donor 1
Would you consider donating at The Donor Center on a Sunday?
Were you able to reach a representative on your first telephone call?
Have you ever used The Donor Center"s online scheduling system located at
If yes, how would you describe your experience navigating The Donor Center"s online scheduling system?
Were you able to locate The Donor Center easily?
Was The Donor Center clean and inviting?
Prior to the actual donation, did you feel well informed about the process?
On the day of donation, did you have to wait longer than expected?
Did you feel your medical history was conducted in a professional, confidential and understandable manner?
During your donation (phlebotomy procedure), were appropriate efforts made to ensure your comfort and safety?
Upon completion of your donation, do you feel you had the proper amount of rest time before leaving The Donor Center?
Did we ask if we could reschedule another appointment for you?
Based on your recent experience, would you schedule another appointment and/or recommend The Donor Center to friends or family?
Would you like a member of The Donor Center management team to contact you regarding any of your responses?
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