Donor Eligibility

The following is general donation criteria. This is not a complete list. The information below serves only as a guideline to donor eligibility. Please contact the RPCI Donor Center at (716) 845-8275 for more detailed donation criteria.

For all donations:

  • Minimum weight: 110 pounds
  • Minimum Age: 17 years of age
  • Must be in general good health (not experiencing active cold or flu symptoms at time of donation)
  • Must not have donated whole blood within the last 56 days.

Additional Criteria:

  • Antibiotics: A donor with an infection is not eligible to donate. Reason for antibiotic use must be assessed.
  • Aspirin: Acceptable for whole blood donations. A Platelet donor must wait three (3) days from the date of their last dose of aspirin or medications containing aspirin.
  • Blood Pressure: Acceptable limits are: Systolic (first number) 180 or below and diastolic (second number) 100 or below at time of donation. Most blood pressure medications are acceptable.
  • Cancer: A previous diagnosis of any cancer other than Basal Cell or Squamous Cell skin cancers is a permanent deferral.
  • Dental Work: Routine dental procedures such as cleaning and fillings are acceptable. Use of prophylactic antibiotics prior to a dental procedure is acceptable. Oral surgery, root canal, or tooth extraction (including wisdom teeth), deferral is 72 hours from procedure. Donor’s requiring post procedure antibiotics are deferred for 24 hours from completion of antibiotic medication.
  • Medications: Most medications are not cause for deferral. Reason for medication determines a donor’s eligibility. Certain medications do require a waiting period from the date of the last prescribed dose. Please contact the Donor center for further evaluation.
  • Piercing: A sterile, one time use needle must have been used. Professionally done piercing are acceptable.
  • Pregnancy: Wait 6 weeks from date of a normal vaginal delivery, providing the mother did not receive a blood transfusion has been released from physicians care. Caesarean section (C-section): donor is deferred for 6 months from date of surgery providing, she is healed, required no blood transfusions and is released from her physicians care. Nursing mother’s are acceptable to donate.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases: A donor must wait 12 months from date of completing treatment for Syphilis or Gonorrhea. . If other eligibility requirements are met, Chlamydia, venereal warts (hpv), or genital herpes are not a cause for deferral.
  • Skin Disease, Rash or Acne: Acceptable providing the needle site area is free and clear. Certain acne medications require a waiting period after the last dose. Please check with the RPCI Donor Center.
  • Tattoo: A waiting period of 12 months from date of tattoo is required. Deferral date is calculated from date of last color application.
  • Travel: Travel to US destinations is not a cause for deferral. Some travel destinations outside the United States may require waiting periods or may have permanent deferral requirements. If you have traveled outside the US to areas considered high risk for malaria, "mad cow disease", HIV or, have lived in Europe > 6 months, please consult one of our screening professionals for travel guidelines.

For further discussion on any of the listed criteria items or any other donation matters, please contact The Donor Center at Roswell Park at (716) 845-8275.