Specialized Services

Assessment and Treatment Center

The Roswell Park Assessment and Treatment Center (ATC) is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. (last patient intake at 8:30 p.m.)* and weekends from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (last patient intake at 4:30 p.m.)*.

This patient care service is a patient care service that supports our current patients with immediate but non-life threatening symptoms during the day and when our clinics are closed.

Please know that this is not a walk-in clinic and does require a referral from your Roswell Park physician or the physician-on-call. If you are experiencing non-life threatening symptoms, you should call your Roswell Park clinic. If your clinic is closed, call Roswell Park at 716-845-2300.

*Note that if you are experiencing non-life threatening symptoms after the ATC closes, you should still call us at 716-845-2300. There is always a physician on call to help you. 


Roswell Park’s Department of Anesthesiology is responsible for:

  • Delivery of anesthesia during surgery and other medical procedures
  • Providing relief for both chronic (long-term) and acute (short-term) pain

Members of the Anesthesiology team include physicians, physician assistants, nurses and nurse anesthetists, anesthesia technicians, and clinical center associates. They work together to ensure that patients are safe and comfortable during surgery. They also pinpoint the source of pain and reduce or eliminate it using the safest, most advanced methods. In addition to providing clinical care, our anesthesiologists are engaged in ongoing research aimed at developing more advanced methods of pain control.

Our goal: to enable our patients to pursue their normal activities and interests, pain-free.

Clinical Genetics Service

The Clinical Genetics Service at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center was established to meet the needs of individuals at high risk for hereditary cancer syndromes based on their personal and/or family histories. Sometimes, cancer seems to run in a family. In these families, there may be an inherited factor (a gene change) that increases the risk of family members developing cancer in their lifetime. If you have a specific question or are in need of additional information, please call 716-845-8400.

Clinical Research Services

Clinical Research Services provide more treatment options for patients through clinical trials. A clinical trial is a study designed to evaluate a promising new medical treatment. It includes research done to evaluate new ways to prevent and diagnose and/or treat cancer. At Roswell Park, up to 50 percent of our patients are eligible to enter clinical trials. When clinical trials identify new and effective treatments, these treatments will eventually become the new standard of care that will be offered to future patients. Today’s standard treatments were researched and proven by clinical trials done in the past.

Dental and Maxillofacial Care

Our Department of Dental & Maxillofacial Services provides a full menu of services to address the special needs of cancer patients before, during, and after treatment. These include dental care and screening as well as the creation and fitting of prosthetics for patients who need them. For more information, please call 716-845-5970.

Diagnostic Radiology

The Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine conducts diagnostic imaging tests to help locate and stage tumors.


Roswell Park Endocrinology Clinic provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to patients with benign and malignant endocrine tumors and conditions affecting the endocrine system. We manage and investigate a wide spectrum of hormone-producing tumors and related diseases of the thyroid, adrenal, parathyroid, pituitary and pancreas. Tumors of these organs sometimes result in excessive and unregulated hormone secretion and require attentive diagnosis and therapy.

The Endoscopy Center

Roswell Park’s Endoscopy Center brings together Advanced Endoscopy and Interventional Pulmonology services into one state-of-the-art facility where more than 90 percent of procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. With our unique capabilities and state-of-the-art facilities, we offer minimally invasive options in place of traditional surgery whenever possible resulting in quicker recovery, less pain and fewer side effects

High Risk Screening

Individuals at high risk for certain cancers like lung, breast and ovarian may participate in the high risk program to receive state-of-the art screening and diagnostic services, early or preventative treatment and surveillance.

Infectious Diseases Service

The Infectious Diseases Service works closely with other medical oncology departments at Roswell Park to reduce the risks of epidemic, endemic, and hospital-acquired infections for Roswell Park’s patient population and health care workers. The Infectious Diseases Department can be reached at 716-845-5721.


The Department of Nursing boasts a dynamic and engaged staff of over 600 administrators, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, hospital clinical assistants and clinical support assistants. The goal of the Department of Nursing is to provide excellent and comprehensive care to cancer patients and their significant others during all phases of their evaluation and treatment.

Pain Management Service

The Cancer Pain Management Service (CPMS) at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center uses a team approach to reduce pain in cancer patients. The expertise of anesthesiologists, psychologists, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, nutritionists, and social workers merges into a comprehensive pain management plan designed to meet the individual needs of each patient.Individuals with cancer pain can be referred to the Cancer Pain Management Service by their personal physician or their primary physician at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. If you would like a referral for pain management, please contact the Pain Service at 716-845-4595.

Palliative Care

The Supportive & Palliative Care Service at Roswell Park works with your attending physician and can join your care process at any time to help manage symptoms of cancer and side effects of treatment. You can contact the Palliative Care Team at 716-845-8214 for more information.


The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine plays a central and critical role in patient care, translational research and medical education. The Department includes over 25 MD, PhD or MD/PhD faculty and 210 technical and support personnel who diagnoses cancer by analyzing samples of blood, tissue and body fluid. 

Never before in history have pathologists been so critically important. There’s an explosion of information about markers and genomic analysis that can help pinpoint cancers and predict which one will be more aggressive than the other. 


Roswell Park’s Pharmacy Department is responsible for:

  • Safe and accurate preparation, distribution, and dispensing of drugs for Roswell Park patients, including investigational drugs for patients enrolled on clinical research studies
  • Educating inpatients and outpatients—and their caregivers—about prescribed medications
  • Providing Roswell Park clinicians with the latest information about prescription medications, and being available to answer their questions
  • Operating the on-site Roswell Park Pharmacy, a specialty pharmacy dedicated to patients’ oncology care, staffed by uniquely trained oncology pharmacists. Patients may fill their oncology-related prescriptions as well as supportive medications prescribed by community physicians.

The Roswell Park Pharmacy is staffed by a licensed pharmacist 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Members of the Pharmacy team include clinical pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and Investigational Drug Service associates, all with special expertise in oncology (cancer) drugs.

Our goal: to ensure that patients receive the maximum benefit from their prescribed medications, with the fewest and mildest side effects possible.


The Phlebotomy Department is located in the north clinic hallway through the set of double doors just beyond the main bank of public elevators. If you need blood tests before, during or after your appointment, a patient access representative will direct you to a phlebotomist.

Advanced Laboratory Services
We have a convenient new option to make your appointments more efficient! You will be able to see your doctor without having to wait for your lab results.

Advanced blood draw appointments are available at the following Roswell Park locations:

  • Roswell Park’s downtown campus, Elm and Carlton Streets, Buffalo, NY 14263 (free parking in our Roswell Park ramp)
  • Roswell Park’s Amherst location, 100 College Parkway, Suite 290 Williamsville, NY 14221

Or have your blood drawn in advance at the following Catholic Health System (CHS) Laboratories:

  • 20 Losson Rd., Cheektowaga 14227
  • 4855 Camp Rd., Hamburg 14075
  • 1900 Ridge Rd., West Seneca 14224

If you would like to make an appointment at a CHS laboratory call 716-862-1150. Tell them you are a Roswell Park patient and bring the laboratory test order from your Roswell Park doctor.


Roswell Park provides a wealth of Physical Therapy services which can be accessed Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Physical Therapy (PT) offices are located on the first floor of the hospital and can be contacted by calling 1-800-Roswell (1-800-767-9355). The PT staff offers a number of different services, depending upon the type of cancer being treated, and a patient's own individual needs. Working with the physician, the PT staff will work to maximize your physical abilities and comfort levels, to ensure the quickest, most effective recovery for you. Services can be tailored to meet your individual requirements, but many are addressed in our current services, which are outlined below.