Diagnostic Radiology

The Department of Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology and Nuclear Medicine), is a subspecialty-oriented imaging group on the university model. Fellowship-trained radiology subspecialists deal with each of the recognized imaging specialties: Nuclear Medicine, Neuroradiology/Head-Neck, Body Imaging (CT, Ultrasound, and MRI from the thoracic inlet to the pelvic floor), GI Fluoroscopy, Angio/Interventional, and Breast Imaging.

Equipment is state-of-the-art and includes 64-slice GE CTscanners, three SPECT/CT gamma cameras, a GE Discovery ST PET/CT, McKesson PACS, Digital Mammography, stationary and multiprobe portable ultrasound units, and 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla MRI Units.

The radiologic subspecialists provide far more than film interpretation, because the department is oriented towards imaging-guided organ biopsies and imaging-guided procedures of all kinds. The professional staff includes 11 full-time nurses trained in conscious sedation, to assist with over 20 guided procedures each day, and an 8-bed fully-staffed recovery ward is located adjacent to the department for this purpose. Four Radiology PA’s perform procedures, assist with research analysis, and interpret certain images under radiologist supervision.


Zachary D. Grossman, MD, FACR
Professor of Radiology
SUNY at Buffalo

Body Imaging

Peter A. Loud, MD
Associate Professor of Radiology
SUNY at Buffalo

Thomas Laudico, DO
Charles Roche, MD
Janine Milligan, DO
Lalit K. Gurtoo, MD
Peter Klieger, MD
Alan Klitzke, MD
Prasanna R. G. Kumar, MD
Nicholas Perry, MD
Roger M. Smith, MD
Craig Hendler, MD
Timothy Hanna, RPA-C
Ghinita Burbulea, RPA-C
Vaughn Sheeran, RPA-C

Neuroradiology, Head & Neck

Ronald A. Alberico, MD
Associate Professor of Radiology
SUNY at Buffalo

Ahmed Belal, MD

Angio/Interventional Radiology

Garin M. Tomaszewski, MD

Sadashiv S. Shenoy, MD
Michael Petroziello, MD
Michael Ryan, RPA-C, RT


Ermelinda Bonaccio, MD

Sara Majewski, MD
Prasanna R.G. Kumar, MD
Roger M. Smith, MD

Nuclear Medicine

Dominick M. Lamonica, MD
Assistant Professor of Radiology
SUNY at Buffalo

Zachary D. Grossman, MD, FACR
Alan K. Klitzke, MD

Administrative Director

Jack M. LaShomb, RT(R), MS

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