We know that poor sleep can have negative effects on your health and well-being, yet there is little research on how to effectively reduce insomnia in cancer survivors. A new study aims to learn whether a behavior-based program can help provide better quality sleep.
Stress, fatigue, anxiety, pain, depression and sleep difficulty are just a few of the problems that cancer survivors may encounter in their daily life.
Seasonal affective disorder is known as SAD, a fitting name for a type of depression associated with the lack of light in late fall and winter.
It’s important for all of us to remember that our emotions will run even higher than usual at this time of year. Once we know our feelings and have allowed ourselves time and space to feel them, then we can decide if we want to try to change how we are feeling.
“Taking a hands-on approach to lymphedema management and consistently updating the patient on their plan of care represents the gold standard of care."
“A diagnosis of cancer has the potential to stop everything. It can delay or even eliminate large portions of your timeline and life goals, such as when or how to start a family.”
Several well-regarded studies confirm that approximately 18 to 20% of adult cancer survivors report symptoms of anxiety and depression at some point during the first 12 months after treatment.

Even if you already have cancer, you can’t let down your guard when it comes to prevention. In fact, cancer patients have even more reason to be on guard, because they usually have a higher risk for infection or developing other types of cancer.

Cancer survivors have special medical needs. A Survivorship Care Plan serves as a guide for you and your primary care physician to help you stay healthy.

I have never met them, nor have I ever thanked them for their part in my survival. And yet so much of that day and my treatment in the following months depended on their expertise.

Like all the posts I’ve written for the Cancer Talk blog, this post starts with my name, and then three important words: Ovarian Cancer Survivor. What makes me a survivor?

Cancer patients have specific nutritional needs. Those needs can differ from person to person, depending on the type of cancer, the type of treatment and other factors. That's why Roswell Park's registered dietitians need specialized knowledge to care for our patients and survivors.