Realistic New Year's Resolutions for Cancer Patients

When it Comes to Making a Big Impact in Your Life, Keep it Simple

Cancer patients and survivors struggle with a lot of tough questions. Will I be cured? Will I relapse? When will my body be back to normal? These are just some of the questions I think about on a daily basis, but they have an even stronger presence at the start of a new year. The fear of uncertainty is overwhelming as you attempt to plan for the future. For me, it helps to keep it simple. Instead of setting unrealistic goals, I just focus on being positive. I use a few simple strategies to stay motivated and optimistic about the year ahead. I hope these tips also help you find positivity in 2019!

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Live Life

Do something you always wanted to do, even if it’s something small. Just get out there and live your life to the fullest. Focus on the people around you and enjoy each moment you have with those you love.

Be Grateful

Every day I try to find something to be grateful for. Don’t overthink it. It could be something as simple as a good conversation with a friend or loved one. There are reasons to be grateful all around us.

Worry Less

Although often easier said than done, you should try not to fixate on negative thoughts. Find something else to occupy your time. Get lunch with a friend. Watch a funny movie. Adopt a new pet. Focus on worrying less and living more.

Be Fearless

A wise breast cancer survivor once told me, “Even though your life has dealt you a difficult hand of cards recently, you have two choices. You can either play or fold. So which will it be?” I think about this every time I need a boost of courage to keep on fighting.

Let Go of the Past

It’s important to reflect on the past and learn from it, but you can’t change it. So don’t dwell on the fear you faced, the changes you underwent or the side effects you endured. Use it to make you stronger.

Pay it Forward

Do you remember how scared you were when you were first diagnosed or had to undergo treatment or surgery? There is someone out there right now who is experiencing those same feelings. Use your experience to help a peer. Give advice, share tips, meet occasionally, and even write a blog. Any form of help will be greatly appreciated.