Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for Sarcoma and Cancers in the Extremities

Sarcomas are unique cancer types and surgery to remove them can be complex. Surgical oncologists who treat sarcoma must have exceptional skill, knowledge and experience to remove the entire cancer without disturbing the tumor. In the past, sarcoma in a limb was treated by amputation. Today however, most patients can undergo limb-sparing or limb-salvaging surgery in which surgeons avoid cutting critical nerves, blood vessels and muscles as they carefully excise the tumor.

Plastic and reconstructive surgeons commonly work with sarcoma surgeons to plan and coordinate effective cancer treatment and limb preservation and restoration procedures.

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How we can help

Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons provide advanced techniques for:

  • Tissue reconstruction of the upper and lower extremities
  • Chest wall reconstruction
  • Skin grafting
  • Flap procedures
  • Microsurgery to reestablish blood flow and nerve function
  • Hand surgery (carpal tunnel and ulnar tunnel releases, ganglion cyst excision, tumor excision, nerve repairs, tendon transfers or repairs, muscle transfers or repairs, joint repairs or reconstruction, revascularization)