Prostate Cancer Surgery

One of the most common treatments for prostate cancer is removal of the prostate gland. This is called radical prostatectomy.

Roswell Park performs almost all radical prostatectomies with robot-assisted surgery. This procedure involves a state-of-the-art surgical robot, which is controlled by the surgeon. Miniature instruments are inserted through six “keyhole” incisions, all less than a half-inch long, and the prostate and surrounding tissues are removed.

Robot-assisted surgery (RAS) gives the surgeon a magnified view of the prostate and the area around it — a significant advantage over traditional “open” surgery. Compared with traditional “open” surgery, which requires a much longer incision, RAS is associated with less blood loss, a shorter hospital and faster recovery.

Roswell Park was the first facility in the Buffalo-Niagara region to offer this advanced surgical procedure for patients with prostate cancer. Since 2004 we have performed more than 2,000 robot-assisted radical prostatectomies, making our surgeons some of the most experienced in the nation.

Although common side effects of radical prostatectomy include erectile dysfunction (inability to get or maintain an erection) and incontinence (inability to hold urine), we consistently perform above the national average in preventing those side effects, to give our patients better quality of life.