Why Roswell Park for Neuroendocrine Tumor?

Our nationally recognized team

Our accomplished physicians are leaders in the field and hold leadership roles in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN). Roswell Park oncologists not only follow the evidence-based NCCN treatment guidelines used by physicians around the world; they write them. 

  • Roswell Park surgical oncologists Moshim Kukar, MD, FACS, sit on the NCCN panel that establishes the best practices for neuroendocrine tumor treatment.
  • Our physicians Renuka Iyer, MD, and Boris Kuvshinoff, MD, MBA are endorsed for their expertise by the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation.
  • Our team enhances awareness and multidisciplinary management of NETs to medical professionals and allied health members through key national organizations like North American Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (NANETS) and Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Network (NCAN).

Our cutting-edge therapies

We offer treatments at the forefront of cancer care, plus clinicians with the knowledge and experience to use them. Our patients with neuroendocrine tumors may have a treatment plan that includes:

  • Theranostic treatments that use radiopharmaceuticals (drugs) that deliver radiation directly to the cancer cells, such as Lu-dotatate (Lutathera®). Roswell Park conducted one of the clinical trials that led to its FDA approval.
  • Enrolling in clinical trials to access to the very latest drugs, immunotherapies and targeted agents — oftentimes years before they become available from other providers. Roswell Park opens new clinical trials every day.
  • The latest novel therapies pioneered by our physicians to treat this disease, heading clinical studies of SurVaxM, a vaccine developed at Roswell Park, and leading a multisite trial involving nanoliposomal irinotecan (Nal-IRI) which employs a new technology to encapsulate and deliver the anticancer drugs through the body.
  • Azedra, a new radiopharmaceutical for paraganglioma, a rare neuroendocrine cancer with few approved options. Roswell Park is the only facility in the region to offer this critical new treatment.

Our quality, comprehensive care

We provide multidisciplinary cancer care that integrates the expertise from several specialists, including surgical and medical oncologists, therapeutic endoscopists, interventional radiologists and endocrinologists who specialize in these unique tumors. Highlights include:

  • Novel imaging with Netspot® scan (gallium-68 dotatate PET) to detect small, early-stage neuroendocrine tumors.
  • Liver-directed therapies such as ablation and embolization procedures.

Our innovation

  • The Roswell Park Neuroendocrine Tumor Biobank was established to collect information and biospecimens from individuals with neuroendocrine tumors to amass one of the largest resources to advance research of neuroendocrine tumors.
  • Our physician scientists continually cultivate and study innovative approaches and emerging treatments to improve the care of patients with NETs.
  • Our researchers study outcomes and disparities and help bring awareness to the appropriate care of this rare disease.