Roswell Park Neuroendocrine Tumor Biobank

Understanding a disease is the first step toward finding the right care.

The Roswell Park NET Biobank is a unique resource dedicated to advancing the field of neuroendocrine tumor management through molecular and genetic research.

How do I join the NET Biobank and change the future of NET research?

By registering for the NET Biobank, you only need to take three simple steps that have the potential to save many lives.

Step 1: Fill out the form here to determine your eligibility

Step 2: Complete the packet that will arrive to you in the mail

Step 3: Mail the packet back and complete the blood sample

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About the Biobank

Our mission is to provide education, awareness and support to individuals affected by NETs.

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About NET Tumors

A neuroendocrine tumor may grow slowly or aggressively and spread to other parts of the body.

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Renuka Iyer with Patient in clinic

Meet the Director

Renuka Iyer, MD, is the founder of the NET Biobank and Chief of the Department of GI Oncology at Roswell Park.

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