Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) — also called preleukemia or smoldering leukemia — is relatively rare, affecting fewer than four in 100,000 people. The experts at Roswell Park have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating the condition and managing its side effects. Our MDS practice is one of the most active in the nation, with more than 500 visits by MDS patients every year. The MDS Foundation has classified Roswell Park as one of its MDS Centers of Excellence in the United States.

Whether you are seeking care as the result of a relapse or new diagnosis, we’ll create a comprehensive treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs.

Our MDS physicians play a leadership role in developing the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Guidelines that prescribe the best ways of preventing, detecting and treating specific types of MDS.

According to the 2014 Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research report, Roswell Park achieved higher than expected one-year survival ratings for allogeneic blood and marrow transplants. The BlueCross BlueShield Association has named Roswell Park a Blue Distinction Center for Transplants® — one of only 83 in the nation with this designation for BMT.

All of our physicians who treat MDS and acute leukemia are specialists who see only patients with these conditions. Their expertise in managing these difficult diseases, and their knowledge of the latest treatment strategies, means they are often authorized to offer new therapies through clinical research studies (clinical trials) that are usually unavailable elsewhere in the region.

Pioneering Clinical Trials

Roswell Park strives to find better ways to treat MDS through clinical trials, many of which have been pioneered and launched by our own translational research team.

Available MDS Clinical Trials