Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT)

Roswell Park was among the first centers in the world to routinely offer bone marrow transplants (today more commonly performed as stem cell transplants). Over the past 27 years, we have performed more than 2650 transplants for more than 2430 patients from the U.S. and Canada.

Our survival rates are consistently among the best in the nation. We provide the most advanced, comprehensive medical care during treatment and beyond to help our patients live longer, with a better quality of life.

Your Multiple Myeloma Team at Roswell Park will work closely with our BMT specialists to determine whether you might benefit from this option, now or in the future. Planning ahead ensures that everything will be in order if you should need a transplant. This is especially important in the unusual instance that you would need to find a stem cell or bone marrow donor (allogeneic stem cell transplantation).

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