Dr. Philip McCarthy discusses treatment options with a patient.

Clinical Trials for Transplants or Cellular Therapy

Clinical trials are the final stages of cancer research that assess a potential new drug or therapy that’s already been studied extensively in the laboratory. Trials are carefully monitored scientific studies that involve patients and offer the earliest access to these newest treatment options. Trials are conducted to determine a drug’s proper dose, how well it works and whether it’s more effective than current standard treatments. All drugs and treatment approaches currently used as standard of care were once studied in clinical trials.

Why it matters

Participating in a clinical trial is the only way to access the very latest options, oftentimes years before they become available to other providers. If you have cancer, you need the very best treatment today, not years from now.

What options are available for transplant or cellular therapy patients?

Roswell Park’s robust research program — particularly in cellular therapies — provides our patients more ways to maximize their survival and potential for cure, including access to:

  • Tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) therapy. This emerging type of cellular therapy uses a patient’s own T cells collected from their tumor, multiplies them and returns them to the patient to fight the cancer.
  • Novel options to prevent GVHD and disease relapse.
  • Innovative approaches to reduce side effects and prevent bone mineral density loss or infection.
  • New CAR T-cell therapies for other cancer types, including acute myeloid leukemia and solid tumors such as breast, lung, prostate and gastrointestinal cancers.

Available clinical trials

Roswell Park opens new clinical trials every day. Learn more about our clinical trials involving transplant or cellular therapies and talk to your physician about upcoming trials not yet listed here that might be right for you.

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