The Annual TCT Long-Term Survivorship Clinic

Our Annual TCT Long-Term Survivorship Clinic provides follow-up care and information to protect your health over the long term. It is open to anyone who has undergone a blood or marrow transplant or received cellular therapy, even if the transplant or cellular therapy treatment did not take place at Roswell Park.

The clinic does not replace your regular follow-up clinic visits. It adds an extra level of care, monitoring you for health issues that can arise long after treatment, or that can occur as a complication of the cellular therapies, and providing you and the medical professionals who care for you with important information to keep you healthy as a cancer survivor.

Among other services, members of the clinic team:

  • Alert patients to changes in routine health-maintenance screening such as mammograms that may be necessary due to therapy.
  • Remind patients about the need to be re-immunized against certain diseases and specify when it is safe to do so.
  • Review the effects of cellular therapy on the immune system to determine if interventions are needed if the patient develops recurrent infections.
  • Monitor patients who are at risk for premature (early) osteoporosis (bone weakness) due to treatment and other risk factors, and provide treatment recommendations for early osteopenia and osteoporosis.
  • Screen TCT patients for dental problems that can develop after a transplant, and make recommendations for long-term dental care, especially for patients who are receiving bisphosphonate therapy for osteopenia and osteoporosis.
  • Recommend cardiac and pulmonary tests to identify heart and lung problems that may occur as a result of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
  • Recommend specialty referrals as needed, for issues such as sexual health and assessment of memory and other neurologic (brain) functions that may have been affected by treatment.