Your Discharge

On the day you are discharged from the hospital, your nurse will review your entire discharge instruction sheet, which includes a list of medications and scheduling instructions. The pharmacist will help to explain the medication information. Your nurse will review any special discharge instructions with you and your family before you leave the hospital.

After your discharge, you will be cared for as an outpatient. The Outpatient BMT Center is open daily from 7:30 am until 5 pm. Post-transplant patients should go to 5-North (the Outpatient BMT Center) at their scheduled appointment time. Air quality can vary throughout the hospital, so you should go directly to the clinic to reduce the chance of infection.

Some patients, depending on their condition, may be discharged to their attending physician’s clinic at RPCI.

At your first clinic visit, you should bring all medications, your schedule of medications and a family member or friend. Before you leave the BMT clinic that day, please obtain your next clinic appointment and all times and dates for tests ordered by your doctor. Please keep your assigned appointments.

If you plan to bring any children with you to the clinic, you will need to discuss this with the staff or your doctor prior to your appointment.

If any problems occur while you are an outpatient, please call the Outpatient BMT Center. Or, if you are discharged to your attending physician’s clinic, please call the Hematology Neuro-Oncology Center.

For calls after 6 pm daily or on weekends or holidays, please call the RPCI switchboard.