Breast Cancer ‘State of the Science’ Analysis from Two Epidemiology Leaders at Roswell Park

Two Roswell Park faculty members are featured authors invited to offer ‘state of the science’ analysis along with their perspectives on the advances and future directions in breast cancer research in the recently published book, Improving Outcomes for Breast Cancer Survivors. This new publication was edited by Patricia Ganz, MD, Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCLA, and published by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

Nearly three million U.S. breast cancer survivors must adjust to a new normal. The publication focuses on patient-centered outcomes of breast cancer, highlighting specific patient populations, their unique needs and experiences, as well as issues such as quality of life and psychosocial concerns. Dr. Ganz noted that the contributing authors’ research reveals the depth and breadth of scientific research on breast cancer outcomes.

Christine Ambrosone, PhD, Chair and Chi-Chen Hong, PhD, Associate Member, both in the Department of Cancer Prevention and Control, are lead authors on a chapter and co-authors on another, along with Pamela Goodwin, MD, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, Ontario.

Dr. Ambrosone reviewed the revolution that has occurred in classifying breast cancers based on their genetic profiles and the role of host factors in breast cancer outcomes. Dr. Hong addressed the important issue of comorbidity in breast cancer patients, including its impact on treatment selection and outcome. Lifestyle factors that contribute to breast cancer outcomes, such as weight, diet, physical activity and alcohol consumption are discussed in the chapter that is co-authored by Drs. Ambrosone, Hong and Goodwin.

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Deborah Pettibone, Public Information Specialist