Nigerian Hematologist Receives Vital Training at Roswell Park

Thanks to a Visitor Training Program grant from the American Society of Hematology (ASH) awarded to Roswell Park hematopathlogist Vishala Neppalli, MD, visiting physician Tamunomieibi Wakama, MD, can now perform crucial pathology analyses, essential to accurate diagnosis and treatment of his patients.

Only 20 such grants are awarded internationally by ASH each year, which enables talented hematologists, scientists and/or laboratory staff from developing countries to receive training on a specific hematology topic or technique under the mentorship of an ASH member at institutions where equipment and manpower are readily available. The program’s goal is to improve research and patient care globally.

Integral to this grant, Dr. Neppalli devised a 12-weekcurriculum to encompass specific techniques and knowledge that Dr. Wakama will implement at his home institution, and will have a direct impact that leads to better patient care. In Nigeria, Dr. Wakama serves as both clinician and pathologist to his patients, and integrated diagnostic hematopathology is limited.

Here at Roswell Park, Dr. Wakama has become proficient in several aspects of diagnostic hematopathology, and his hospital in Nigeria has already purchased the appropriate equipment to initiate a hematopathology laboratory and begin training his colleagues.

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Annie Deck-Miller, Senior Media Relations Manager