Quality-of-Life Programs

Many individuals who are battling cancer are going through one of the most difficult times of their lives. To help ease their cancer journeys, Roswell Park provides essential quality-of-life programs that lend an extra helping hand, give emotional support and provide creative, diversionary outlets to these patients and their families.

In order to continue to provide these programs, resources are needed, and that's where donations have stepped in, including 100 percent of the proceeds from the hospital's gift shop.

Here are just a few examples of the programs made possible by donors:

  • Artists-in-Residence: To entertain patients, relieve their stress and help them stay active, Roswell Park’s Artists-in-Residence make the rounds among the clinics and all the inpatient areas offering art, music and dance activities to patients who are interested and feel well enough to participate, as well as their families. Five artists participate in the program and include specialists in visual arts, dance and music. The program is part of the Arts in Healthcare Initiative conducted in partnership with the University at Buffalo.
  • Bedside Attendants: Serve as an extra set of eyes and allow family members to rest or leave the hospital when they need to. They provide assistance with everything from meals to personal care, and can help reassure patients who may be dealing with confusion as a side effect of treatment.
  • Wig and Hat Boutique: Many patients battling cancer lose their hair during treatment. It’s an extremely vulnerable time for them, and the loss of their hair is a visual reminder of all that they are going through. The boutique in Roswell Park’s Resource Center provides wigs, hats and headscarves to patients free of charge, helping cancer patients to feel more like themselves.
  • Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Survivorship Program: Beginning at treatment completion and continuing throughout survivorship, Roswell Park provides education and individualized intervention to young cancer survivors. Specific benefits include an initial survivorship visit, a care plan, a survivorship guide book and quality of life assessments.
  • Clergy and Spiritual Care Services, Materials and Spiritual Support: The Spiritual Care Department employs chaplains of various faiths who minister to the spiritual, emotional and psychosocial needs of patients and their loved ones during all stages of the treatment process. They are available 24 hours a day to provide support for urgent needs and can also arrange to provide sacraments or religious services to patients.
  • Transportation
  • Translation Services

Roswell Park's Quality of Life Fund is supported by the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation and the generosity of our donors.