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The Roswell Park community has shown great resiliency.

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That resiliency has been demonstrated by our patients who keep fighting their diseases, our clinicians whose critical work never stops; our researchers who surge forward despite challenges, our staff who continue to compassionately serve our community and our leadership who have set the model of creativity and innovation in the face of uncertainty.

Over the course of this past fiscal year, Roswell Park donors have been some of the most resilient community members of all. Donors have seen that even when everything else stops, cancer never does. The abundant generosity of our donors has been a sight to behold. Their heart for our mission is evident.

Donor support has fueled many successful reimagined events and paved the way to continued scientific advancement. It has empowered clinicians to better care for our patients, survivors to become mentors, researchers to reach further milestones. It has been invaluable.

Our 2021-2021 Annual Report features some of our many bold steps forward and proud accomplishments. Moreover, it highlights many of the supporters who have continued to make our work possible. Thank you to everyone who supports Roswell Park and our patients.



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