FAQs About the RPCI Scientific Post-doctoral Program

What is the average stipend of a Post-doc at RPCI? We follow an adaptation of NRSA stipends based on the number of prior years experience an entering post-doc may have. What academic title is required to apply to the Post-doctoral Program? A Ph.D. or Pharm. D. I already have post-doctoral training, am I eligible to apply? Yes.  However, it is recommended that you have 4 or fewer years prior experience if applying for a second position.  This ensures such things as grant eligibility. I will receive my degree in the next few weeks/months am I still eligible to apply? Yes, as long as you have a date determined by your dissertation thesis committee and will be starting your Post-doctoral position after that time. What takes place following my acceptance into a post-doctoral position? Your mentor will send you an offer letter.  After accepting the offer, the Office of Post-doctoral Scholars will schedule an entrance interview with you.  At this interview you will receive information about orientation meetings and immunization requirements. Along the way the Office of Post-doctoral Scholars will provide guidance in your transition to the Post-doctoral Program at RPCI.