The Bladder Book

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This book offers bladder cancer patients and their families the information needed to understand their disease and the treatment process. A Patient’s Guide to Bladder Cancer simplifies complex scientific concepts and follows the natural history and course of disease and treatment. Readers can trace the path of a patient from diagnosis through recovery and survivorship. Partners in the creation of this book are experts in every field involved in care of patients diagnosed with bladder cancer: anesthesiology, medical oncology, nursing, physical therapy, psychology, nutrition, and social work. A majority of the chapters are no more than 3 pages, and all chapters include detailed illustrations to accompany the concepts and offer clarity.

BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin) App

BCG is the recommended course of treatment for intermediate and high-risk bladder cancer patients, however, this treatment is associated with high toxicity, and compliance with treatment and follow-up recommendations may vary depending on several patient-specific factors. Patient education on the subject may prevent toxicity and adverse events. Composed, educated patients are better able to participate in erudite negotiations about their healthcare.

Pelvic Rehab

The Voiding Log tool can help patients keep track of their liquid intake and urination. This info can then be presented to the physician during hospital visits. This way the patient can get accurate recommendations for preventing leakage.