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Taking care of our patients and their families begins with taking care of our Roswell Park family.

Your well-being is essential to our mission. At Roswell Park, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive package of benefits that help keep you and your family healthy, your work and personal life balanced and rewarding, and your future goals in sight.

Your specific benefit options will depend on your weekly scheduled hours, division and union associated with your position. Highlights of our offerings are below, and additional benefits are offered through the CSEA, PEF and NYSCOPBA unions.

Your health

We know that your health is a primary consideration for any potential employee and Roswell Park will have you covered.

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  • Health Insurance. We offer a range of comprehensive health insurance plans to care for all your health needs, including medical and preventive care, hospitalization, mental health care, drug coverage and more, with modest pre-tax employee contribution for individual, family or domestic partner coverage. (These are NOT high-deductible plans.)
  • Dental and Vision Insurance at NO cost.
  • Employee Health Clinic to provide annual health assessments, first aid, illness care, flu and COVID vaccines, referrals for cancer screenings, a lactation room and more.
  • Pharmacy. Fill many of your prescriptions at our on-site pharmacy as well as purchase over-the-counter medications at a discounted price.
  • Mammography. It doesn’t get more convenient than this! Get your annual breast cancer screening done on-site by our experts in breast cancer detection. (You'll have paid time off specifically for medical screenings.)

Your wealth

We offer multiple ways for you to maximize your compensation and plan for your future.

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  • Retirement Savings Options. Depending on the position, your choices may include NYS & Local Employees’ Retirement System (NYSERS), Voluntary Defined Contribution 401(a) plans, or tax-deferred annuities such as 403(b) or 457(b) plans.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts to save pre-tax dollars for healthcare, dependent care, and/or adoption costs.
  • NYS 529 College Saving Program, a tax-advantaged savings plan which allows you to invest money for qualified education expenses.
  • NFTA Transit Pass discount program offers all employees a more affordable option for NFTA transit passes.
  • Disability Insurance. Options to enroll in short- and long-term disability insurance and term life insurance policies.
  • Tuition-Associated Benefits, such as tuition reimbursement and discount programs, and student loan forgiveness programs.

Your life

At Roswell Park, we spend our days helping others to live another day and to live well. Our employees deserve the same, and living well, fully, with good work-life balance is more than a perk — it’s essential. We offer you many options aimed at helping you live and thrive, including:

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  • Generous Paid Time Off. This includes legal and operational holidays, vacation time, plus paid time off allotted for the purposes of personal business, religious observances, to seek medical screenings, and for absences due to illness or disability.
  • Remote and Hybrid Work Schedule options possible for many positions.
  • Employee Assistance Program to offer confidential assistance with everyday issues (such as child or elder care needs, mental health assistance, financial concerns and more) in order to achieve better work and life balance.
  • Resilience Program aimed at improving personal and professional wellness and fulfillment.
  • Recharge Room for employees to take a break, rest and renew.

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