Local Artwork

The all-volunteer art committee is charged with overseeing the selection, installation and maintenance of the artwork displayed at Roswell Park.
“Sometimes sickness can play life’s roll of film on a fast track. Looking at art, in my opinion, brings that feeling to a halt and helps each frame come alive.”
Art helps reduce stress by providing a happy distraction from medical worries. Now Roswell Park is introducing new ways for patients and visitors to enjoy the creations of Western New York's talented artists.

When Molly Petrucci created Heartbeats, she had no idea it would later grace a wall outside executive offices in the Scott Bieler Clinical Sciences Center at Roswell Park. “This was my first time doing needlework,” she says, “and I wanted to challenge myself to do something different.”

As artist Shasti O’Leary Soudant planned the creation of Wish Field, she thought about the emotions of the cancer patients and survivors who would see it. For that she did not need her imagination; she had her own memory.

Inspired by "the richness of Western New York," George Grace, a prominent artist and lung cancer survivor, focuses most of his work on iconic images of the region.
Rodney Taylor shares the story behind Song for My Father, an expansive oil painting of birch trees that welcomes visitors to the lobby of Roswell Park’s new Scott Bieler Clinical Sciences Center.
The first time you step into the Scott Bieler Clinical Sciences Center at Roswell Park, you might assume you’ve entered an upscale art gallery.