Cancer Innovations

There have been many advances in treating graft-versus-host disease in the past nearly two decades, but Dr. Holtan isn’t slowing down any time soon.
"Now that we know so much more about tumors and the immune system, we can start utilizing our immune system in the context of gene therapy technology. That means the cell therapies we currently have are a proven principle."
In addition to having the best available system for this work, Roswell Park is also home to the physician who has performed more procedures with the Monarch system than any other physician in the state.
Given the risk of opioid addiction, doctors at Roswell Park decided to explore if restricting opioid prescriptions would affect patients’ recovery.
“The immune system is a powerful tool, and only in the last decade have we really begun to tap into its potential as a cancer-fighting powerhouse,” Dr. Puzanov says.
Anurag Singh, MD, and Emese Zsiros, MD, PhD, FACOG, are among the Roswell Park doctors finding innovative ways to improve patients’ quality of life without sacrificing effective cancer treatment.
New research led by two researchers at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center may lead to using immunotherapy in treating Black women with aggressive breast cancer.