Cancer Coach

A caregiver devotes much of their time and energy to making sure the patient has everything they need during treatment, including the love and support that will help them get through it. But who supports the caregiver?
When Jim Croft was diagnosed with bladder cancer in June 2015, he didn’t know the journey on which he was about to embark. 
Janice had passed a big milestone in her journey as a breast cancer survivor — the five-year mark — and figured going in for a six-year exam would be no big deal. She didn’t expect to be told the cancer had returned.
It’s OK to feel the feelings you have, it’s OK to be sad, but don’t dwell on it. Positivity breeds positivity. Attitude is everything.
Wendy already knew how hard it is to fight cancer: She was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly six years ago. Although she knew she was getting the best care possible, she was still nervous and scared about going through treatment a second time and having to get a bone marrow transplant.

In 2019, multiple myeloma patient Karen was feeling anxious about her upcoming bone marrow transplant (BMT). As an RN, she wonders if her anxiety was even worse than what other patients felt.