These cancer survivors are ready to live their best lives

Chapter 2 attendee poses with paint on their hands during the painting session for survivors.

Comprehensive cancer care doesn’t begin or end at medical treatment. It encompasses the full spectrum of mental, emotional and spiritual wellness for our patients and their loved ones. When you support Roswell Park, you’re making it possible for experts to run Quality-of-Life Programs that bring opportunities to our patients that provide hope, access and deep compassion.

In October, Roswell Park celebrated the vibrant return of donor-supported Chapter 2: A Cancer Survivor’s Workshop for Living Your Best Life. More than 200 attendees comprised of cancer survivors, caregivers, loved ones, experts and more gathered together to connect, learn and be inspired.

“The whole survivorship story is about keeping engaged. It’s a journey, you’re never finished with cancer,” said Sara Sade, four-time cancer survivor and a coordinator in The 11 Day Power Play Cancer Resource Center at Roswell Park. “If it weren’t for Quality-of-Life Programs and donor dollars, where would we be? Because of them, we’re able to offer programs predominantly focused on treating the whole person, not just their cancer.”

At Chapter 2, guests filled sessions including: 

  • Acupuncture 
  • Caring for your skin 
  • Drumming circle 
  • Financial toxicity 
  • Healthy eating 
  • Medical marijuana 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Painting 
  • Post-treatment physical conditioning 
  • Reiki 
  • Sexuality & intimacy 
  • Step fitness

Survivorship at Roswell Park

The Roswell Park Survivorship Program brings together many of Roswell Park’s clinical and supportive services, specifically designed for cancer survivors, as they face forward and learn to embrace a new normal. Life after cancer can be full and vibrant and hopeful. It’s our goal to help survivors live their best life after a cancer battle.

The survivorship team can help: 

  • Detect and manage any complications or side effects from disease or its treatment. 
  • Restore body and soul with rehabilitative therapy, nutrition counseling and emotional support and guidance. 
  • Create a plan as a roadmap to the healthiest lifestyle possible for each individual survivor.

With your support, cancer survivors are encircled in hope and armed with resources during a journey that extends far beyond their cancer treatment. Donor funding will continue to grow and enhance programs like Chapter 2 as we care for this beautiful group within our community.