When you hear, “you have cancer,” every moment counts. Part of providing comprehensive care means supporting our patients’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

At Roswell Park, researchers are constantly asking the next question and working toward new discoveries. Many times, those groundbreaking findings begin with a simple question or a small data set.

Metastatic cancer can be a thief of hope for patients and their loved ones who have exhausted their treatment options.

Immunotherapy has changed the way we treat all kinds of cancer by taking full advantage of the innate genius of the immune system.

On November 10, the Buffalo Sabres took on more than the Minnesota Wild — they took on cancer at the annual NHL Hockey Fights Cancer game. The community came together to celebrate life and honor everyone who has been touched by cancer.

Comprehensive cancer care doesn’t begin or end at medical treatment. It encompasses the full spectrum of mental, emotional and spiritual wellness for our patients and their loved ones.

In October 2023, a major announcement from the The U.S.

Innovation has been at the forefront of Roswell Park’s work for 125 years. And there’s just one driving force behind the countless research initiatives that have come through the labs at Roswell Park over the last century: the vision of a brighter future for our patients.

Scientists at Roswell Park developed an immunotherapy treatment for brain cancer which is now being offered through clinical trial across the country.

The Roswell Park Scott Bieler Amherst Center opened in September to bring patients in the northern suburbs of Buffalo the same top-tier cancer care they can receive at the downtown Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center campus. 

Roswell Park has some of the best and brightest scientists and clinicians who have come from around the world to Buffalo, New York, to dedicate their life to studying and treating cancer. Donations drive breakthrough cancer discoveries and bring new treatments to fruition. 

Roswell Park is positioned to be at the forefront of innovative cancer care, advancing science and expanding treatments options for patients with all kinds of cancer. One area in which Roswell Park sees an enormous amount of promise is cellular therapies.