Scientists at Roswell Park developed an immunotherapy treatment for brain cancer which is now being offered through clinical trial across the country.

The Roswell Park Scott Bieler Amherst Center opened in September to bring patients in the northern suburbs of Buffalo the same top-tier cancer care they can receive at the downtown Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center campus. 

Roswell Park has some of the best and brightest scientists and clinicians who have come from around the world to Buffalo, New York, to dedicate their life to studying and treating cancer. Donations drive breakthrough cancer discoveries and bring new treatments to fruition. 

Roswell Park is positioned to be at the forefront of innovative cancer care, advancing science and expanding treatments options for patients with all kinds of cancer. One area in which Roswell Park sees an enormous amount of promise is cellular therapies.

Donations to the SAC initiative provide seed funding for new projects and can be made to fund research for a specific type of cancer.
What if there was an easier, less invasive and more accessible way to measure if a patient’s treatment is working or if cancer has reoccurred in a cancer survivor?
For many cancer patients, understanding their genetics can make all the difference in their care.
Each year, a grant is awarded to a team of investigators who are advancing scientific research that has the potential to save lives and change the way we treat cancer.

Jenna Wier was no stranger to breast imaging when she walked into her appointment at Roswell Park Hematology Oncology Northtowns in the fall of 2021.

In May, National Cancer Research Month, we reflect on the ways we can continue to shake off cancer’s grasp by pioneering advancements in prevention, detection and treatment.
Cheryl has also been a proud supporter of the Ride for Roswell for 17 years alongside her wife, Barb. All of this makes Cheryl the perfect person to represent cancer patients and light the torch at the 2022 Celebration of Hope on Friday, June 24.
In addition to having the best available system for this work, Roswell Park is also home to the physician who has performed more procedures with the Monarch system than any other physician in the state.