A nurse waves hello from a work station in an inpatient unit

Inpatients Can Authorize Visitors via Patient Portal: Find Out How

To protect everyone during the COVID-19 pandemic, inpatients are currently limited to two designated visitors for the entire inpatient stay. Only one of the two will be able to visit on a single day, and only during visiting hours.

You can authorize two designated people to visit you using the Visitor Dashboard in the MyRoswell patient portal:

  • Log into the MyRoswell patient portal. Choose the Preferences tab on the menu at the top and select the Visitors tab underneath it. This will take you to the Visitor Dashboard.
  • In the Approved Visitors section, enter the name, address, email address and phone number for each of your two visitors and click the Add Visitor button.
  • To remove a visitor, click the Remove button in the box containing the visitor’s information.
  • You and members of your clinical team can add notes at the top of the page, under the Notes tab. To do this, click the Add Note button.
  • Screening staff will log visits under the Visits tab, in the Visit History section, showing who visited and what time the visitor checked in (day and time).
  • Click the Policy tab for the latest information about our visitor policy, which is subject to change.
  • The Location tab shows your current inpatient room in the hospital.


For illustrated instructions showing how to authorize visitors in the patient portal, click here

Remember that all visitors will be screened upon entering the hospital. No one who is sick or who has symptoms of illness will be allowed to visit. Make sure your designated visitors have read and understand our latest Inpatient Visitor Guidelines, which include the current visiting hours.

Thank you for helping us maintain the highest level of safety for our patients, staff and visitors at Roswell Park.