Registration Is Open for the 2019 Ride For Roswell!


Join Us for This Inspiring and Unforgettable Event

Every year, thousands of people come together to support our patients through North America’s largest single-day cycling fundraiser. They pedal on racing bikes, recumbent bikes, bikes with training wheels and bikes towing baby trailers. They eat, dance, talk and laugh, ring cowbells and wave flags. Some show off their crazy helmets and T-shirts.

Most of all, they ride to raise money for Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. With the support of family, friends, neighbors and coworkers, they help take groundbreaking research to the next level and fund programs and services that make life a little easier for our patients.

Where Does the Money Go?

Ride participants raise millions of dollars every year to support cancer research and patient-care programs right here at Roswell Park. Among many other projects, donations to Roswell Park have:

  • Provided $4 million for early-phase clinical trials of the CIMAvax lung cancer vaccine.
  • Covered the cost of personalized OmniSeq testing for patients whose insurance plans did not cover it.
  • Supported phase I & II clinical trials of the SurVaxM vaccine, developed at Roswell Park to treat brain cancer, now being studied in patients with multiple myeloma and soon to be studied in patients with neuroendocrine tumors.
  • Covered the cost of the wigs and head coverings offered to patients free of charge in the Resource Center for Patients & Families.
  • Made possible the Arts in Healthcare program at Roswell Park.

When Is the Ride?

Saturday, June 22, 2019.

How Far Do You Have to Ride?

Riders can choose from 10 different routes ranging from three to 100 miles, including two international routes that run partly through Canada. This year we’re introducing extra start times for the very popular 20- and 30-mile River Routes, so more people can participate.

Where’s the Starting Line?

Most routes begin at the University at Buffalo North Campus in Amherst, New York. Canada routes begin downtown at Roswell Park. The 44-mile Canada route ends at the University at Buffalo, and riders on the 26-mile Canada route are shuttled from Niagara Falls, USA, to the finish line.

How Fast Do I Need to Ride?

The Ride for Roswell is not a race. Riders complete their chosen routes at their own pace. It’s a day to have fun!

What If I Can’t Ride?

Those who can’t ride on Ride day can help us raise funds as virtual riders or volunteer during Ride Weekend. Virtual riders receive free registration and a personalized fundraising page, can join a team with other riders and are eligible for fundraising awards.

Whether you take part as a rider, spectator, volunteer or donor, this is an event you’ll remember a very long time. Register now to be part of it.

Questions? Please visit the Ride FAQ page or call 716-THE-RIDE (716-843-7433).