Share Your Story through Life Recorded


“Each life is valuable and we all have something to share with this world.”

Everyone has a story to tell, and the Life Recorded program at Roswell Park gives patients and loved ones an opportunity to preserve that story for generations to come.

If you listen to National Public Radio, it’s likely you’ve heard about StoryCorps, the non-profit initiative that gives Americans the chance to share their most meaningful stories and life experiences through personal, audio-recorded interviews. Thanks to a generous donation from Philip H. Hubbell and a partnership with StoryCorps, we were able to bring a similar concept to the Roswell Park community.

Unique to Life Recorded is the option to videotape your story in addition to the traditional audiotaped method. Both formats are professionally facilitated by a member of the Life Recorded staff to make the experience as comfortable and as easy as possible. It normally takes less than one hour to complete and can be taped in the Roswell Park Chapel on the 1st floor, or in the privacy of the patient’s room, staff workspace, or somewhere else at a mutually convenient time. Once complete, a copy of the DVD or CD is mailed to your home.

These interviews are a candid conversation, with both you and your loved one actively participating. The Life Recorded setting gives both participants the chance to have an intimate conversation and gain new perspective on the experiences they are revisiting. It’s also a chance to talk about your hopes, dreams and disappointments. A chance to self-reflect and celebrate achievements. And most importantly, it’s a chance to remember how valuable your life truly is. 

If you would like to learn more about the Life Recorded program through the Pastoral Care Office, please call 716-845-8051.