We Can't Let Cancer Win Because ...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 12:15pm

We can't let cancer win. It’s more than a campaign slogan. It’s a mindset, a goal, a mission. It unites more than 3,000 people who come to work at Roswell Park each day with a single objective in mind: to understand, prevent and cure cancer.

But it’s even more than that and means something different to everyone. So we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers and employees to share why we can't let cancer win. The responses were so inspiring that we couldn’t waste the opportunity to share them here on the blog. Here’s just a sampling of what you had to say:


... Roswell will not let it happen!

... we have too much to live for and a lot of fun to still have!

... I have Roswell Park on my side.

... every day we grow smarter than cancer.

... Dr. Hernandez and his team said WE could beat it and WE did!

... spirit is stronger than fear.

... I won't let it.

... of science.

... our will to survive is too strong.

... we wont let it! BELIEVE

... Roswell, Dr. Nava, Dr. Iyer and I won't let it!

... I will never quit. Period.

... I have an overwhelming amount of support, and I just keep swimming.

... it’s not an option.

... I'm more than cancer.

... I'm a fighter, and I will always come out on top!

... I have too much to do before this life is over.

Have something to add? Comment below and let’s show cancer all the reasons why we can't let it win. Share with us on Twitter and Facebook, too!