Future Treatments and Research

Roswell Park Clinical Research Center

Roswell Park's Clinical Research Center is one of the first in the nation that focuses specifically on the development of new cancer treatments. Housed in the Roswell Park hospital, the center offers patients more treatment options and provides the highest level of patient safety.

In the Pipeline

Everyday Roswell Park researchers strive to discover and develop better and more effective treatments. Some of our current work that involves melanoma includes:

  • A new landmark cancer vaccine developed and manufactured at Roswell Park is currently in clinical trials. The vaccine, designed to eradicate cancer cells and prevent their recurrence, works against cancer cells that contain a type of protein called NY-ESO-1. This protein has been found in certain patients with breast, bladder and ovarian cancer as well as those with sarcoma, melanoma and cancer types. The vaccine is custom-made for each patient from his or her own cancer cells.
  • Using masitinib, a drug used for multiple sclerosis and other cancers, for advanced melanoma with a certain gene mutation
  • Analyzing which type of lymph node surgery is optimal for controlling melanoma
  • A potential new drug called axitinib in patients with advanced melanoma
  • A special type of PET scan to determine who might respond to a certain treatment

Roswell Park Research Milestones for Melanoma

  • Launched cancer vaccine trial that uses new dendritic cell vaccine to fight cancers, including melanoma, that express NY-ESO-1 protein
  • Took part in national studies that determined the value of sentinel node biopsy for people with melanoma