Living With a Stem Cell or Bone Marrow Transplant

We understand the stress and worry that comes with a cancer diagnosis and undergoing a stem cell or bone marrow transplant is a complicated process. At Roswell Park, you’ll have a whole team looking out for you: physicians, nurses and other experts who specialize in the care you need.

Your transplant coordinator

Every patient undergoing transplant or cellular therapy is assigned a personal transplant coordinator, who will guide you through the whole process — your evaluation testing, stem cell collection, donor search and more. Your coordinator is a key contact and resource for you and will coordinate your pre-transplant evaluations with a dietitian, social worker, physical therapist, dentist, and any needed tests.

We hope that our transplant patients and their families find these resources helpful.

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Patient and caregiver orientation

Patient Education Library

Patient Education helps you and your loved ones to understand your diagnosis and prepare you for what to expect during your cancer journey. This wide range of information is given to you from Roswell Park experts and trusted organizations that specialize in this area of healthcare.

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This class helps you and your caregiver learn what to expect before, during and after your transplant and how to maintain the safest environment for you. Your caregiver is an essential part of your transplant care. Your transplant coordinator will arrange for both of you to attend this class.

The 11 Day Power Play Cancer Resource Center

Our staff can help you find reliable, current information on many cancer topics, access books, videos, computers and printers, and connect with Roswell Park and community resources for support and wellness. Check out our headwear boutique to find a hat, wig or scarf that’s right for you.

Resource center

Transplant & cellular therapy support group

This group provides emotional and educational support to transplant and cellular therapy patients, survivors, and their caregivers. The group meets once a month, and a virtual option is available. Click on the button below to learn more.

TCT support group

Cancer Coach Program

The Cancer Coach Program connects Roswell Park patients with cancer survivors who know firsthand how a cancer diagnosis changes your life. Talking with someone who has lived with cancer can reduce anxiety and isolation. Cancer Coaches are trained Roswell Park volunteers who provide comfort and practical information for patients. While Cancer Coaches can provide valuable information about their own personal experiences and supportive services available at Roswell Park, they do not provide medical advice.

Cancer coach

Assistance with lodging

After a transplant, you’ll likely need to remain close to the hospital (within 45 minutes) for a period of time, ranging from a couple weeks to 100 days. Many of our patients travel to receive cancer care at Roswell Park and will require local housing after their transplant. Our team will help you find appropriate lodging at local hotels and guest houses that meet important healthcare criteria.

Transplant & cellular therapy reunion

This annual event at Roswell Park brings together survivors and the TCT clinical team for a day of hope, comradery, and celebration!