Benefits for Members of U.S. Armed Forces

Aid and attendance

Wartime Veterans, regardless of combat, and non-remarried surviving spouses may be eligible for significant financial assistance to pay for and help with activities of daily living provided by a long-term care facility, nursing home, or in-home care provided by a family member, friend, or entity. Eligibility is based on income, assets and need for assistance.

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Health care

Hospitalization: VA facilities give the highest priority for medical care to those Veterans who are: rated service-connected disabled; retired by disability from active duty; were awarded the Purple Heart; in receipt of VA pension; are eligible for Medicaid; are former POW’s; in need of care for a condition related to exposure to dioxin or other toxic substance (Agent Orange) or Gulf War diseases, or exposure to ionizing radiation while on active duty. Non-service connected Veterans may be treated if facility resources allow, and may be subject to a test of financial means and a co-payment. Veterans who served in combat locations since Nov. 11, 1998, are eligible for free health care for five years following discharge for conditions potentially related to combat service.

Outpatient medical treatment: VA provides medical services to eligible Veterans on an outpatient basis within the limits of the facilities.


Holders of USGLI, NSLI and VSLI policies can obtain information concerning conversion, beneficiary changes, loans and disability riders from their local StateVeteran Counseling Center. Service members with SGLI have 120 days following separation from service to convert to a permanent insurance plan.

Nursing home care

Nursing home (domiciliary) care (federal): Admission limited to eligible Veterans who are disabled, unable to earn a living and in need of medical treatment and full care other than hospitalization. Nursing home care can be authorized for a limited period on referral from VA medical centers.