Dr. O’Connor is the principal investigator of two ongoing clinical trials that study tobacco user behavior. 

Clinical trial NCT04358315 

Title: Consumer Assessment of Tobacco Flavor and Odor 

Summary: This trial studies consumer assessments of tobacco flavor and odor. This study will compare the ability of expert and consumer panels to identify and characterize flavors, determine threshold detection levels for individual and mixed flavors, and identify the dominant flavor of mixtures. 

Primary objective: Develop consumer (untrained) sensory panels to identify and assess characterizing flavors in electronic (e)-liquids. 

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Clinical trial NCT05876091

Title: Effects of Tobacco Flavoring and Liquid Composition on Vaping Topography

Summary: This clinical trial tests the effect of tobacco flavor and liquid composition on the way a person puffs on a vape (topography). Vape flavors and synthetic nicotine may be related to harmful effects on health from vaping and may impact the appeal, risk beliefs and vaping topography.

Primary objective: Examine the influence of tobacco flavoring composition on vaping topography. II. Examine the influence of synthetic versus (vs.) tobacco-derived nicotine on vaping topography. 

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