Lymphedema Program

Thanks to improved surgical techniques, today’s cancer patients are far less likely to develop lymphedema after surgery. Those who are affected by the condition can find help at Roswell Park’s Lymphedema Clinic, the only physician-managed lymphedema program in Western New York.

Lymphedema is a swelling of part of the body—most often a limb—caused by the build-up of lymph fluid. The condition can be caused by radiation therapy or surgery to remove a cancerous tumor and nearby lymph nodes. (Lymph nodes are removed so they can be checked for cancer cells to see if the disease has spread.) Removing the lymph nodes, as well as radiation therapy, interrupts the normal flow of lymph fluid, causing it to “back up” in tissue and resulting in lymphedema, which can be treated but not reversed.

The Roswell Park Lymphedema Program provides specialized treatment that includes the removal of excess fluid through Manual Lymphatic Drainage and wrapping the affected limb with bandages. Treatment sessions also focus on educating patients about lymphedema, including proper skin care with specific lotions and soaps, lymphedema-specific exercises, and how to keep swelling down and prevent infections after cancer treatment is complete. 

Clinic services are open to all cancer patients, including patients who are not being treated at Roswell Park. Financial support from the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation funds the purchase of new products for the Clinic and helps lymphedema patients who do not have insurance coverage.