Patient education helps you and your loved ones to understand your diagnosis and prepare for what to expect before, during, and after treatment. Being well-informed allows you to confidently discuss treatment options with your health care team, ask questions, and make decisions that are right for you.

Our Patient Education Library offers a wide range of information from your Roswell clinicians and trusted organizations about diagnosis, treatment, discharge and home care instructions, drug profiles, and resources for support.

You can search by key word, or category, or browse the entire library (materials are listed alphabetically).

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Balloon Kyphoplasty Procedure
Bathing Before Surgery - Instructions - Card Pre-Op Info
Bathing Before Surgery - Instructions - Spanish Pre-Op Info
Belzutifan - Welireg Medication
Bendamustine Medication
Bevacizumab Medication
Bicalutamide Medication
Biliary Cancer - Understanding Pathway
Biliary Cancer Resources And Support Resource
BioFire Respiratory Panel Test - Covid-Positive Fact Sheet Diagnostic Test
Bisphosphonate Therapy - Online Medication
Bladder Health & Urinary Problems From Drug Therapy Side Effect
Bladder Health And Urinary Problems - Survivorship
Bland And Chemoembolization - Liver - Online Procedure
Bleeding Precautions For Patients With Thrombocytopenia Prevention
Bleomycin Medication
Blood Transfusion Procedure
Body And Self Image - Spanish Side Effect
Body Image - Survivorship Side Effect
Bone Health - Online Condition
Bone Marrow Aspirate And Biopsy - Brochure Procedure
Bone Marrow Harvest - Online Procedure
Bone Marrow Harvest - Pediatric - Online Procedure
Bortezomib Medication
Bowel Problems - Diarrhea And Constipation Side Effect
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